Our mission at The Assembly is to provide you with content that is well thought out, provoking, engaging, and intellectually honest.  We are attempting to slice through all of the political, racial, religious, cultural, and biased rhetoric that conflate nearly every issue being discussed today, and impart valuable information to our readers.  It is our goal to be as rigorously straightforward with every piece of content that we produce, and provide you with an experience that you are unable to get elsewhere in media today.



We are small online organization based out of New York City, and emerged out of a desire to have an impact on the way people think.  The current political, social, and cultural landscape is experiencing polarization to an extent that most of us are unfamiliar with. Here at The Assembly, we believe this to be the result of decades of misinformation campaigns, facile rhetoric, and purposefully abstruse reporting – rendering the public with very few choices on what to believe.



We are always looking to expand our influence and diversify our content.  If you feel like you have something to contribute please do not hesitate to get in contact.