Stop Trump for the Right Reasons

After Donald Trump called his repugnant comments on the Access Hollywood video “locker room talk” some athletes and sports journalists who make a living inside locker rooms feel compelled to defend athletes and the routine banter that goes on before and after games. I don’t make a living that way so I took Trump’s “looker room talk” as metaphor.

More importantly, whether or not Trump actually did what he said in the now infamous video is the concern of the victim and, by extension, our concern as a society. However, one should not assume Trump did what he said because men do, in fact, talk dirty, even assaultive, in private. Comedians are famous for it. Refer to the longstanding “The Aristocrats” routine if you really want your hair curled. And, to be sure, it’s not just men and comedians who do it. I’ll bet women have said dirty, even assaultive, things when they get together with their girlfriends and martinis.

Trump is a vulgar, insecure, vindictive, supremely uninformed, incurious narcissist who wants to be the most powerful man in the world. I would hope a large majority of Americans do not want to grant him that wish come Election Day. But that analysis should have been made long before the Access Hollywood incident. For if we convince ourselves that he is guilty of sexual assault based on the conversation he had with Billy Bush, then we will go down a road that is at least as dark and dangerous as the one that leads to a president Trump.