The Freedom to Ignore

The right to speak freely does not guarantee you a platform; the right to speak freely does not mean I have to help you speak; the right to speak freely does not mean that I have to listen. Recently, a high school valedictorian had their… Read More

I’m With Her (Roseanne)

I seem to be in the minority of people who think that what Roseanne Barr said was not racist (and I’m not a racist either).  Even people who are known to be hard-hitting and controversial, like Bill O’Reilly, have condemned what she said as racist. … Read More

Dentures for All

Think of all the suffering the we endure due to these pesky little bones that grow out of our mouths.  Think of all of the time that’s wasted caring for them, grooming them, and obsessing over them.  We live in the age of flying robots,… Read More

Me Too (but not you)

There are a few things happening within the MeToo movement that are worth talking about. What the movement gets right To start, women are rightly voicing their concerns about their overall treatment in society and what they see as cases of misogyny and patriarchy at… Read More

Molecules in Motion

What is the murder molecule? How much does justice weigh? These are questions that have no answer in a materialistic world view. A famous statement from Dr. Frank Turek made during both of his debates with Christopher Hitchens on the question of whether or not… Read More